Hello! I'm Bruno and welcome to my website.

🤖 Full Stack - Frontend 🎨

About me

Bruno Cunha
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I'm from Brazil, I'm 25 years old, I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Universidade Vila Velha and I have been working with development for approximately 4 years.

I am always willing to learn new technologies, I like to share knowledge, experiences and teamwork. I have experience with Web Development, client-server communication, interface design and web components. Using languages ​​and technologies such as Node.js, Angular 2+, React, React Native, Java, MySQL database and SQL Server. And seamless integration with Netlify and Herokuapp.

Projects and Tests

Palpite Certo!
Palpite Certo!
AngularNetlifyHerokuNest JSMySQL
This is a webapp for a sweepstakes, an external API was used to update the game results.
PS5 Design
PS5 Design
Test project in react under a PS5 UI design created by Joshua Oluwagbemiga.
Green Thumb
Green Thumb
Test project with VanillaJS and responsive.
Payment Test
Payment Test
Test project to show skills with Angular and integration